Flying in a DC-3        

My first (and only) flight in a DC-3 (in over 41 years of flying...)

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, October 21, 2012.

I was fortunate to being invited to the last but one flight by the F/O,
who was performing his final two just before retiring.
Unfortunately the weather was not very cooperative,
but for me nothing could spoil this day.

Walking on the platform at "Schiphol Oost" to this beauty

A closer look and boarding

DC-3 flight
DC-3 flight

As the engines are started the rain begins to fall...
After the engines are warmed up we taxi out to R/W 04

DC-3 flight

Video of the take off, with the ground view disappearing soon

Some inflight photos

DC-3 flight
DC-3 flight
DC-3 flight
DC-3 flight

Video of the landing, ILS approach to R/W 36R, breaking off to R/W 04

Thank you Nanne

DC-3 flight

Some photos of Nanne's last flight

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