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Bombardier entered the civil aviation business in 1986 when it bought Canadair. For airliners the name Bombardier was used for the CSeries. The CS100 made it's first flight from Mirabel on September 16, 2013. It took nearly three years untill it entered service. The larger CS300 took off for the first time on February 27, 2015. Huge delays hampered sales and production and the entire program was sold to Airbus. They renamed the aircraft as A220.
Canadair was founded on November 11, 1944. The name Canadair was used by Bombardier to market their Regional Jet. The first model was the CRJ-100 for 50 passengers which made it's first flight on May 10, 1991. Other versions were the CRJ-200 with improved engines and the CRJ-440 with 44 seats. The CRJ-700/701/702 is a lengthened version with a maximum of 78 seats and it took to the skies for the first time on May 27, 1999. United Airlines was the launch customer for a revised interior with 50 seats, the CRJ-550. Next was the CRJ-705/900, again lengthened. The 705 has a maximum of 75 seats and the 900 has 90. First flight was on February 21, 2001. The final stretch is the CRJ-1000 which has a maximum of 104 seats. It first flew on July 28, 2009. Production of all versions has ended after the entire program was acquired by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries on June 1, 2020 and now known as MHI RJ Aviation Group.
Embraer (Empresa Brasileira de Aeronáutica) launched the EMB-145 at the Paris Airshow in 1989. Known as the ERJ-family first flight was on August 11, 1995 with a 50 seat interior. Other versions were the EMB-140 (registered in the USA as EMB-135KL) with 44 seats and the EMB-135 with 37 seats. The E-Jet family came next with the E170 which made it's first flight on February 19, 2002, followed by the E175 (June 14, 2003), the E190 (March 12, 2004) and the E195 (December 7, 2004). They are succeeded by three versions of the new E2 family, the E175-E2 (first flight December 12, 2019), the E190-E2 (May 23, 2016) and the E195-E2 (March 29, 2017).
Mitsubishi entered the market of the regional jets with the MRJ (Mitsubishi Regional Jet). The first flight was made on November 11, 2015. After many changes in the design and numerous delays it was renamed Spacejet. Development has been halted.
Sukhoi produces the SSJ100 regional jet. Around 200 have been built since the first flight on May 19, 2008. Outside Russia it has had little success.
Canadair CRJ-100, 200, 440
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Canadair CRJ-705, 900
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Embraer EMB-135, 140, 145
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