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Starting with the Cloudster.

Donald W. Douglas started the Douglas Aircraft Company in 1921 by building the Cloudster. He used c/n 100 to pretend he was an experienced aircraft builder. Three years later he was firmly established as being one when his World Cruiser flew around the world. Before WWII Douglas built a large number of aircraft for the US military.
On May 11, 1934 the DC-2 made it's first flight and entered service a week later. It was followed by the larger DC-3 which made it's first flight on December 17, 1935. 607 Civil versions were built and 10,048 military C-47's and C-53's. Including the Russian Li-2 and Japanese L2D, the grand total is over 16,000.
The DC-series continued with the DC-4E which flew first on June 7, 1938 but that was no success. Douglas developed a new version, also as DC-4, but production output was taken over by the US War Department as C-54 which made it's first flight on February 14, 1942.
In between the El Segundo Division produced it's only civil airliner, the unsuccessfull DC-5 which made it's first flight February 20, 1939. Only 12 were built.
After the war the DC-series continued with the pressurized DC-6 (first flight February 15, 1946) and the DC-7 (May 18, 1953).
After Boeing announced the 707 Douglas followed soon with the DC-8 which took off on it's maiden flight, only five months later than the 707, on May 30, 1958. The smaller twin-engined DC-9 did it's first flight on February 1965.
Struggling with production rates and financial trouble developing their first wide-body Douglas was forced to merge with McDonnell Aircraft Corporation in 1967. Eventually the DC-10 made it's first flight on August 29, 1970 and went into service August 5 the next year. The DC-9 was further developed into the MD-80 and -90 series and the DC-10 into the MD-11. The prototype of the MD-95-30 was rebranded as the Boeing 717 after McDonnell Douglas was taken over by Boeing on August 1, 1997.
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