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In 1923 Reuben Hollis Fleet founded the Consolidated Aircraft Corporation. After a number of acquisitions, liquidations, mergers and take-overs the result was Consolidated Vultee Aircraft Corporation in 1943. During WWII they were a bigger company than Boeing, Douglas and Lockheed in terms of wartime contracts. Soon the name Convair set in.
In 1946 the Convair 110 made it's first flight. Launch customer American Airlines then decided they wanted a pressurized cabin and the Convair 240 was the result. It made it's first flight on March 16, 1947, the year that Convair was acquired by the Atlas Corporation. The same prototype made another first flight on December 29, 1950 after it was fitted with turboprop engines, the first turboprop airliner to fly in the USA. A lengthened version was the Convair 340 which first flew on October 5, 1951.
Convair was bought by General Dynamics Corporation in 1953. Then came a heavier version of the 340, the 440, with a quieter cabin. It first flew on October 6, 1955. A lot of 240's and 340's were also produced for the US Air Force (as C-131 and T-29) and Navy (as R4Y). Many piston engined aircraft were converted with turboprop engines, which were then known as Convair 580, 600 and 640.
On January 27, 1959 Convair entered the Jet-Age when the 880 made it's first flight, followed by the 990 on January 24, 1961. However, both were no commercial success with just over 100 built all together.
General Dynamics sold several Convair divisions during the early 1990's and in 1996 they completely closed the Convair Division.
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