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Which is not entirely correct because the first aircraft was built by Pacific Aero Products. Founded by William E. Boeing when he and Conrad Westerfelt built the B&W-1 in 1916. The company was renamed Boeing Airplane Company already in 1917 and numerous aircraft were built for the US military.
In the late 1920's Boeing entered the civilian market. In 1928 the company was renamed Boeing Airplane & Transport Corporation and a year later United Aircraft and Transport Corporation which, by 1931, owned United Airlines. US antitrust legislation forced Boeing to seperate those businesses again in 1934 and a new Boeing Airplane Company came to life.
Boeing had some success with the 247 and 307 but they were no match for the DC-3.
During WWII Boeing built thousands of bombers and afterwards continued to do so with the jet-powered models B-47 and B-52. Again civil aircraft were a minor part in production but this changed when the 707 was introduced to fight off competition from Douglas and Lockheed. It made its first flight on December 20, 1957 and went into service on October 26, 1958. A year later the 720 was added for shorter routes from shorter runways.
And again a year later the first orders for the 727 were recorded. Early 1963 it made it's first flight and when production stopped it was the best selling jet airliner at that time. The 737 was next, eventually built in more than a dozen versions. First flown on April 9, 1967 the latest models are still in production today.
The largest passenger jet untill the arrival of the Airbus A380 was the 747. With the first flight on February 9, 1969 the fifth version is also still in production but it will soon be ended. Next were the single-aisle 757 and the twin-aisle 767, developed at the same time. They shared the same cockpit layout so pilots could fly both. The first 767 flew on September 26, 1981 followed by the 757 on February 19, 1982. The 767 is still in limited production.
Of course the next model is the 777, "Triple Seven". After it's maiden flight on June 12, 1994 it entered service allmost a year later on June 7, 1995. The latest 777 version is the first passenger jet with folding wingtips to preserve space on airports.
In 1997 Boeing merged with McDonnell Douglas and this led to the Boeing 717. It was originally designed as the MD-95, less than 200 were produced. The latest passenger jet sofar is the 787, a carbon-composite airplane. First flight was on December 9, 2009. After it entered service it was plagued by issues with the batteries. The problems were solved and over 1,000 have been built sofar.
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