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Airbus was formally created on December 18, 1970 by the governments of France, Germany and the UK, after the official launch of the A300 programme at the 1969 Paris Airshow. The aim was to counterpart the American monopoly from Boeing, Douglas and Lockheed. The first flight of the A300 was on October 28, 1972. It went into service with Air France on May 23, 1974. The US market was entered in March 1978 when Eastern Airlines placed an order. After the first flight of the A300 it took ten years for the next model to appear, the A310 made it's first flight in 1982.
In 1987 the A320 family was launched with the innovative Fly-by-wire technology. This was continued on all future models of which the four-engined A340 was next in 1991 followed by the smaller twin-engine A330 a year later. In 1996 the A3xx programme was announced but before that model appeared the smallest Airbus (the A318) made it's first flight in 2002. In 2003 the military transport A400M was launched but two years later Airbus captured the attention by showing the new A380 for the first time. The first flight was made later that same year. Entry into service was in 2007, the same year the A330MRTT made it's maiden flight.
In 2011 Airbus reached 10,000 orders with Virgin America's acquisition of 60 A32x aircraft, which also included the first firm order for the A320neo.
Next in line was the A350XWB, developed after the original offering of the A350 (sans XWB) was not successfull. First flight of the XWB was in 2013. The re-designed A330neo followed in 2017.
In 2018 the (sofar) latest Airbus model was born, although not an Airbus design: the A220, formerly known as the Bombardier CSeries.
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