This website is all about numbers. Construction-numbers, line-numbers, registration-numbers.
Generally do not expect to find any names for airlines and leasing companies or dates of delivery or lease (bar a few exceptions, marked as "Full list"). This site is primarily meant to provide a quick reference to the former, present or possible future ID of an aircraft.

You can select Airbus (all aircraft), Boeing, starting at c/n 1, all Convairliners, including their numerous conversions and Douglas, later McDonnell-Douglas, again starting with their very first aircraft.
Regional Jets includes all jetliners from Bombardier/Canadair and Embraer, plus the MRJ SpaceJet and the SSJ100.

Listed are construction-number (c/n) also known as manufacturers serial number (msn), type of aircraft including subtype, line-number where applicable, plus all registrations applied to the aircraft. Re-designations and conversions are also included, where known.
Everything behind a c/n (which can be a few lines) belongs to that particular aircraft.
When you look at the "Full lists", everything between the c/n and the present state, both in bold, is all info for that aircraft.

The photo-section has over 4200 pictures, generally in the same order as the productionlists. Photo size adjusts to your device.


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