This website is all about numbers. And there are well over half a million of them. Construction numbers, line numbers, registration numbers.
Generally do not expect to find any names for airlines and leasing companies or dates of delivery or lease (barring a few exceptions, marked as "Full list" in the menu). This site is primarily meant to provide a quick reference to the former, present or possible future ID of an aircraft.

In the menu you will find Airbus (all aircraft), Boeing, starting with c/n 1, all Convairliners, including their numerous conversions, and Douglas, later McDonnell-Douglas, again starting with their very first aircraft. Regional Jets includes all jetliners from Bombardier/Canadair and Embraer, plus the Mitsubishi MRJ SpaceJet and the Sukhoi SSJ100.

Listed are the construction number (c/n) also known as manufacturers serial number (msn), type of aircraft including subtype, line number where applicable, plus all registrations applied to the aircraft. Re-designations and conversions are also included, where known.
Everything behind a c/n (which can be a few lines) belongs to that particular aircraft. When you look at the "Full lists", everything between the c/n and the present state, both in bold, is all info for that aircraft.
Quick-scroll down using mouse or spacebar as usual. Full page up and down or to a specific part can also be done in some menus.

The photo section has over 5300 pictures, generally in the same order as the productionlists. The photo size adjusts to your device.


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