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[ACC]       Accident, not yet known if [W/O], date added where known.
[AMARC(/*)] Stored at Davis-Monthan AFB (/storage code added when known).
            Some other fields are also included where known.
[B/U]       Broken up. Note: if an aircraft's tail, wings and/or cockpit
            have been chopped off, making it very clear it will
            never, ever fly again, this site will indicate the aircraft
            as being [B/U].
CLD         Directly following c/n or aircraft type indicates not built.
[CLD]       Behind registrations: previous registration cancelled, either
            as exported or to be broken up.
CONV.       A physical change to a/c. Added when announced. Registration added when completed.
[DBF]       Destroyed by fire.
[DER]       Derelict, in a presently not fit to fly condition.
DESIG.      Change of type IN PRINT only.
[DESTR]     Destroyed during hostile attack or testing.
[MIA]       Missing in action.
[NTU]       Not Taken Up.
ORDER>>     Original order was cancelled and then c/n re-used.
[RAMMED]    Hit on purpose by another aircraft.
"REG"       Fake or incorrectly applied registration.
(REG)       Announced or reserved registration when at end of line.
            When used other then at end of line meant as NTU.
REG/TYPE??  Not confirmed.
[S/D]       Shot (down) in or during hostile activity.
[SCHOOL]    Donated to education institute or used as ground trainer.
TYPE/S      Indicates A318 - A321 delivered from Airbus with Sharklets.
            NOTE: /S is NOT an official identifier.
TYPE/W      Indicates 737 delivered from Boeing with winglets
            (not for BBJ2, BBJ3 and 900ER, which are always with winglets).
            NOTE: /W is NOT an official identifier.
TYPE(X)     Where X indicates a conversion.
          > Conversions for Airbus aircraft include:
             F    = Full Freighter Conversion (all types).
             MRTT = Multi Role Tanker Transport (A310 / A330).
             S    = Sharklets (A318 / A319 / A320 / A321).
          > Conversions for Boeing aircraft include:
             BCF  = Boeing Freighter Conversion (737 / 747 / 767).
             BDSF = Bedek Tel Aviv Freighter Conversion (737 / 747 / 767).
             F    = Full Freighter Conversion (727 / 737 / 747 except -400 / 757).
             LCF  = Dreamlifter Cargo Conversion (747).
             MMTT = Multi Mission Tanker Transport (767).
             PCF  = Precision Freighter Conversion (757).
             QC   = Mixed Passenger/Cargo Conversion (737).
             SUD  = Stretched Upper Deck (747).
             W    = Winglets (727, 737, 757, 767).
[WFU]       Withdrawn From Use / Stored. Could be flying again.
[W/O]       Written Off in crash, accident, fire, storm etc.
[Brackets]  are used at the end of a line particularly to indicate the
            end of an aircraft, e.g. [B/U], but also indicate other fates,
            like into a museum OR a special duty.


50 Jaar KLM-Vliegtuigen (50 Years of KLM-aircraft) by Hugo Hooftman, published 1969
75 Years by Jennifer Gradidge
Jet Airliner Production List Vol.2 by Eastwood and Roach published 1995
JP Airline-fleets
Piston Engine Airliner Production List by Eastwood and Roach published 1996
The First Seventy Years (Part 1 & 2) by Jennifer Gradidge

737 MAX Production (Woodys Aeroimages)
747-8 Report
a380.boards.net: The A380 (& A350) Forum
Aero Vintage Books
AIB Family Flights
Australian Military Aircraft Serials and Aircraft History
Aviation Friends Cologne / Bonn
Aviation Safety Network
B3A - baaa-acro.com
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Geoff Goodall's Aviation History Site
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TLS Watch and XFW Spotter Logs by Digital Airliners
Trains, Planes and......
US Warplanes, Simon Beck
USAF & USNavy-serials, Joseph F. (Joe) Baugher
Plus many others (for bits and pieces, large and small) which I may have forgotten

Steve Miller; Dec 10, 2000 on C-97 ELINT
Paul Rosser; Apr 24, 2001 on new CSA Boeings
Paul Rosser; May 02, 2001 on new Aero Lloyd Airbuses
Paul Rosser; Jul 26, 2001 about the destruction of SriLankan Airbuses
Lost Birds; Oct 02, 2001 on CV880 c/n 23, this a/c is being restored
Steve Miller; Oct 03, 2001 on B-29 c/n 11767
Inger C. Hodt; Dec 23, 2001 on loss of CV340 LN-PAA
Steve May; Jan 21, 2002 on loss of CV-240 c/n 155
Roger Laberge; Apr 13, 2002 new ID for Emirates A310 c/n 658
Steve Miller; Jun 21, 2002 on B-52H drone carriers
John Davies; Nov 8, 2002 with new identity of 737 c/n 21733
Keith Briggs; Nov 13, 2002 with corrections on line-numbers
Keith Briggs; Dec 31, 2002 again bringing my attention to a couple of typos
Dennis Parks, Senior Curator Museum of Flight; Apr 24, 2003 on (very) early Boeing and Douglas Production
Michael Zoeller; Apr 29, 2003 made available his Convair Twins production List
Marcel Drescher; Jul 20, 2003 with correct reg for A320 c/n 088
Marcel Drescher; Sep 18, 2003 with new ID for A320 c/n 1854
Stefan de Sutter; Nov 06, 2003 on Iraqi aircraft stored at
BGW Baghdad - International

Peter Duijnmayer; Nov 22, 2003 with corrections for A310 c/n's 409 and 410
Tony Fletcher; Nov 25, 2003 on Ethiopian 737-700
Tony Fletcher; Dec 01, 2003 on Alitalia 777-243ER c/n 32782
Frank C. Duarte Jr; Dec 05, 2003 on a typo in 737 c/n 22397
Tony Fletcher; Dec 13, 2003 on China Airlines 747-409F B-18716
Maurice Pratte; Dec 19, 2003 on a typo for line-number for c/n 32459
Frank C. Duarte Jr; multiple Jan 2004 with DC-8 regs
Chaz Hinkle; Jan 30, 2004 on NWA DC-10's
Eamon Power; Feb 16, 2004 on status of DC-7C 45187
Frank C. Duarte Jr; multiple Feb 2004 with Boeing and Douglas regs
Tony Fletcher; Feb 22, 2004 with new ID for A310 c/n 595
Iain Mackenzie; Mar 14, 2004 with new ID for CV-580 c/n 375
Frank C. Duarte Jr; Mar 19, 2004 with info for DC-8 c/n 45904
Marcel Walther; Mar 20, 2004 on a typo for A310 c/n 638
Chris Trott; May 05, 2004 with new ID for Convair 580 c/n 68
Doug Scroggins; May 11, 2004 informed me C-97 c/n 17099 was scrapped, but he saved the cockpit
Marcel Drescher; May 15, 2004 with a few typos in A320 list as well as new ID for A320 c/n 548
Ken Stoltzfus; Jun 06, 2004 on a typo for C-54 c/n 3052
Pete Hughes; Jun 08, 2004 with the possible ID's of the Douglas X-3 Stiletto's
Maurice Pratte; Sep 15, 2004 with a typo in Boeing c/n 30670
Marcel Drescher; Sep 26, 2004 on swapping A319's between EZY and EZS
Steve Darke (Thai Aviation Net); Oct 07, 2004 with new ID's for 9M-AAM/AAN
Darren Matthews; Nov 24, 2004 on some new Airbus aircraft
John Smart; Dec 07, 2004 on true ID of 4K-AZ43
Maurice Pratte; Dec 15, 2004 correcting l/n 1547
T.C. Howard; Dec 19, 2004 on very early 727's
Sherri Orchino; Jan 05, 2005 on the fate of Douglas B-17G 42-38149 (c/n 8935), her father was on that plane. He was top turret/engineer.
      The aircraft was shot down over Paplitz, Germany on 11 April 1944.
Anthony Tubbs; Jan 20,2005 on new Virgin Blue 737's
Marcel Drescher; Jan 25, 2005 found a typo in the A320 list
Jim Koehler; Feb 08, 2005 on the faith of C-47 43-49365
Marcel Drescher; Mar 12, 2005 with additions and a correction on the A320 list
Darren Matthews; Mar 17, 2005 with Airbus updates from
TLS Toulouse - Blagnac

Marcel Drescher; Mar 28, 2005 with the correct test reg for A320 c/n 2332
Steve Darke (Thai Aviation Net); Mar 28, 2005 with more details on Thai Douglas aircraft
Mike Pirolo; May 03, 2005 with a correction on the c/n's for MD-83's XA-TSW and XA-TTC
Chris Ufkes; May 05, 2005 with an update on 737 winglet-conversions
Steve Abeita; May 11, 2005 on the fate of F4D-1 134826
Nicky Scherrer; May 18, 2005 with LOTS of updates and corrections on Mexican DC-6's
Darren Matthews and friends; May 18, 2005 with new Airbuses from
TLS Toulouse - Blagnac

Tom Li; Jun 18, 26 & 30, 2005 with lots of updates on 747's, old and new
Vladimir Riha; Jun 27, 2005 with a correction for the A320 list
Tom Li; Jul 01 & 04, 2005 with corrections for the Boeing list
Takeji Fujimoto; Jul 02 & 03, 2005 with lots of corrections for the Boeing list
Takeji Fujimoto; Jul 08, 2005 with news of conversion to MD-11F for N279UP
Andy; Jul 09, 2005 with correction for A321 D-ANJA
Edward Taman; Jul 18, 2005 with new info on N802DE
Tom Li; Jul 21 & 25, 2005 with more info on 747 freighters and a DC-8
John Chapman; Aug 03, 2005 with information on the first Galaxy aircraft
Peter ten Duis; Aug 10, 2005 with info on ex ALM and KLM DC-9's
Helgi Todtenhaupt; Aug 11, 2005 with the ID of the first Cirrus 737
Peter ten Duijs; Aug 14, 2005 with new info on ex-Transavia 737's
Helgi Todtenhaupt; Aug 22, 2005 with new ID for Skyraider c/n 7722
Takeji Fujimoto; Aug 27,2005 with info on scrapped Qantas 747's
Álvaro Romero; Sep 01, 2005 with info on Boeings in Chile
Keith Briggs; Sep 14 & 15, 2005 with updates and typos for the Boeing and Douglas lists as well as a correction for the MD-90 line-numbers
Takeji Fujimoto; Oct 04, 2005 with updates for the Boeing list
Peter ten Duis; Oct 10, 2005 with correction for Boeing c/n 26318
Darren Matthews; Nov 04, 2005 info on new Airbuses seen at
TLS Toulouse - Blagnac

Peter ten Duis; Nov 21, 2005 with addition for Boeing c/n 24813
Marcel Drescher; Jan 14, 2006 with A320 corrections
Rolf Wallner; Jan 16, 2006 with correction for Boeing c/n 30290
Coen van den Heuvel, Flash Aviation Shop; Jan 18 & 31, 2006 with info on Dutch Dakotas
Tony Wilson; Feb 01, 2006 with invaluable info on Douglas A-20's
Tony Barnes; Feb 05, 2006 on last flight of 61-2669
Tom Li; Feb 12, 2006 with additional reg for Boeing c/n 23150
Maurice Pratte; Feb 15, 2006 with info on Cebu Pacific DC-9's
Monica Walsh, RAAF Museum; Feb 16, 2006 on Australian Bostons
Steve Allan, OAFH; Feb 21, 2006 on Australian Bostons
Darran Cowd, RAF Museum London; Mar 03, 2006 on English Bostons
Marcel Drescher; Mar 18, 2006 with correct test reg for A320 c/n 2660
Peter ten Duis; Mar 20, 2006 on status of Douglas c/n 46032, 46037 and 53580
Tom Li; Apr 12, 2006 with additions to the Boeing list
Dan Morgan; Apr 23, 2006 with final fate of C-54 c/n 10397
Marcel Drescher; Apr 30, 2006 with addition and correction on A320's
Darren Matthews and friends; May 05, 2006 with info on new Airbuses
Peter ten Duis; Jul 22, 2006 with more info on DC-8 9G-MKA
Erick L; Jul 31, 2006 with true ID of 777 F-GSQR, yet to be delivered
Peter ten Duis; Aug 04, 2006 on fate of C-47 c/n 12485
Tom Li; Sep 14, 2006 on some Korean airliners
Bob Sauvary; Sep 16, 2006 with ID of BBJ c/n 32777
Frank Schorr; Oct 04, 2006 with corrections on some 737NG's
Peter ten Duis; Oct 07, 2006 with additional regs for DC-8 and -9
Mark Shepherd; Dec 06, 2006 with new ID for EC-CFI
Helgi Todtenhaupt; Dec 09, 2006 with ID's for Brazilian F4B-4's
Peter ten Duis; Dec 14, 2006 with test-regs for old(er) Boeing's
Alex Waning; Dec 16, 2006 with info on DC-7 N836D
Peter ten Duis; Dec 16, 2006 with info on Mexican DC-9's
Mark Shepherd; Dec 24, 2006 with new ID for Boeing c/n 25401
Marcel Drescher; Jan 01, 2007 with updates for A320's
Helgi Todtenhaupt; Jan 14, 2007 with new ID for A319 c/n 2949
harpen; Jan 28, 2007 with regs and serials for Turkish C-47's
Johan Visschedijk; Feb 11, 2007 with ID for the Douglas DB-1
Peter Magill; Feb 13, 2007 with info on latest Flyglobespan 737-700
Terry Horstead; Apr 08, 2007 with info for C-135 and B-52 aircraft
Peter Magill; Apr 24, 2007 with new ID for XA-VIY
Henny Verrijzer; May 17, 2007 with new ID for Boeing 28740
Pete Hughes; Jun 24, 2007 with all kinds of additions including line-numbers for Model 717 (C-135)
Klemen Kaltnekar; Aug 06, 2007 with exact type for CRJ900 S5-AAK/AAL
Edward Felleson; Aug 08, 2007 with corrections for Boeing 40C and model 226
Johan Visschedijk; Nov 21, 2007 with correction for Boeing Model 299
floflow; Nov 21, 2007 with A330 update
Frank C. Duarte Jr; Mar 26, 2008 with new ID for 727 N727EC
R.W. (Bill) Walker; Jun 04, 2008 with very detailed information on Canadian B-18's
Arman Amirkhanyan; Jun 20, 2008 with ID of Armavia's new A319
Rolf Walner; Jul 27, 2008 with the correct ID of Z3-AAH
Marcel Drescher; Aug 24, 2008 with A320 corrections
Lt.Col. Bill Beavers (Ret); Nov 14, 2008 with correct designation for Douglas c/n 11388
Clive Lynch; Nov 21 & 23, 2008 with recomendation to separate RAAF callsigns from civil registrations and some new serials.
      RAAF VH-Cxx and VH-Rxx call signs are replaced with VHC-xx and VHR-xx.
AerCap; Jan 21, 2009 with definite answer to Argentinian ID's of A320's LV-BNZ and LV-BOJ
Marcel Drescher; Mar 21, 2009 with corrections and additions for the A320 list
Dean Hoisak; May 01 & 02, 2009 with updates for new CRJ-900's
Dean Hoisak; May 24, 2009 with new A330's for Air Transat
Dean Hoisak; Jun 05, 2009 with new ID for N714AX
Maarten de Vos; multiple Jun 2009 with new ID's for various Airbus A300, A320, A321 & A340
Maarten de Vos; Jun 30, 2009 with lots of info for the Boeing list
Logan Smith; Jul 02, 2009 with correction for 737NG line-number 1653
Rene Buschmann; Jul 14, 2009 with correction for A321 N523UW
Thomas Wolfram; Jul 16, 2009 with lots of new ID's for Airbus Single Aisle aircraft
Maarten de Vos; multiple Jul 2009 with updates and corrections for the Boeing-lists
Maarten de Vos; multiple Jul 2009 with updates and corrections for the Douglas-lists
John Davies; Jul 30, 2009 on the return of C-GCJN to Cargojet
Maarten de Vos; multiple Aug 2009 with updates and corrections for the Douglas-list
Ali Abou-Zeid; Oct 01 & 05, 2009 with correct ID for Nile Air A320's
Mark Shepherd; Oct 04, 2009 with false and real new reg on Boeing 24648 (incl picture)
Thomas Wolfram; Oct 06, 2009 with lots of new ID's for Airbus Single Aisle aircraft
Richard Ward; Oct 09, 2009 with correction for DC-6 N90894
Mark Shepherd; Oct 14, 2009 with new ID for Boeing c/n 26313
Ludovic Piriou; Nov 25, 2009 with ID for Boeing 707 EX-120
Thomas Wolfram; Nov 26, 2009 again with a lot of new Airbus single aisle news
Arnold Balledux; Dec 30, 2009 to confirm ID of 737's ZS-PKV and 9J-ZJA
Maarten de Vos; Jan 23, 2010 showing DC-9 YV2430 active again
Chuck Trainor; Feb 03, 2010 with fate of a couple of A-20's
Chuck Trainor; Feb 12, 2010 identifying two US Navy R4D-6's
Thomas Wolfram; Feb 15, 2010 with news for Airbus A319/A320/A321
Ken Stolzfus; Mar 03, 2010 with info on Douglas C-47 c/n 26263
Paul Lammens; Mar 13, 2010 with correction for CV580's OO-EEA/EEB
Juha Kostermaa; Mar 17, 2010 with info for Douglas c/n 12970
Mark Shepherd; Mar 31, 2010 with update for Boeing c/n 24314
Tobias Gudat; Apr 02, 2010 with info on new Airbus single-aisle aircraft
Chuck Trainor; Apr 22, 2010 with news on C-135 57-1510
Ken Stoltzfus; Apr 24, 2010 with a new life for DC-3 N56KS
Andrew Pentland; Apr 27, 2010 with lots of Boeing and Douglas info on early production
Stefan Krause; May 09, 2010 with info on United European A320's
Rene Buschmann; May 12, 2010 with correction for A320 c/n 3994
Chuck Trainor; May 17, 2010 with new info on Douglas A-4's
Thomas Wolfram; May 20, 2010 with lots of info on new Airbus single aisle aircraft
Ken Stolzfus; Jul 16, 2010 with correction for Douglas c/n 13816
Johan Ljungdahl; Jul 20, 2010 with correction for Boeing c/n 34548/34549
Chuck Trainor; Aug 05, 2010 with updates for Douglas A-4
Thomas Wolfram; Aug 12, 2010 with new A320 Family info
S. Smisek; Sep 02, 2010 with new info on B-29's
Richard Copley; Oct 16, 2010 with correction for Douglas c/n 47706
Thomas Wolfram; Dec 01, 2010 with the latest on the A320 Family
Mark Harbour; Dec 06, 2010 with corrected information on Australian A-20's
Ian Hind; Dec 12, 2010 with update on status of MD-11 N269WA
Ian Hind; Dec 16, 2010 with correction for C-47 c/n 27078
Thomas Wolfram; Dec 22, 2010 with the latest info on Airbus single-aisle aircraft
Tim Matthews; Jan 27, 2011 with fate of NC74586
Ralf Walker; Feb 26, 2011 with correction for Boeing c/n 24678
Filip Bettens; Mar 12, 2011 with correction for A319 XA-VOK
Arnold Balledux; Mar 12, 2011 with update for CRJ-701 c/n 10028
Johan Visschedijk; Mar 29, 2011 helped with the fate of B-24 42-51211
Filip Bettens; Apr 09, 2011 with corrections for A330 c/n's 222 and 226
Thomas Wolfram, May 27, 2011 with additions and corrections on A320 family
Filip Bettens; Jun 05, 2011 with addition to A300 c/n 365
Bob Irvine; Dec 16, 2011 with correct status of DC-3 N18121
Bill Downing; Jan 07, 2012 with ultimate fate of C-47 c/n 20855
Tim Haycox; Jan 12, 2012 with corrections for FedEx 727's
Brad Hensley, RTAF Museum; Jan 24, 2012 with correct ID for the A-1J in the museum: BuNo 142072
Alan Robson; multiple Feb 2012 with corrections for Boeing lists
Alan Robson; Apr 13, 2012 with correction for Boeing c/n 39446
Alan Robson; multiple May 2012 with corrections on 737NG's
Paolo Cerutti; Jul 08 & 10, 2012 with news for new C-Series provisional orders
David Cohen; Jul 10, 2012 with correct fate of C-47 c/n 19448
Ole Lyndgaard; Sep 03, 2012 with new SAS A320's
Peter Evers; Sep 10, 2012 with corrections and additions for 747 linenumbers
Ole Lyndgaard; Oct 17, 2012 with new ID for A330 c/n 496
Peter Evers; Nov 17 & 30, 2012 with new 747 linenumbers
Ian Hind; Dec 01, 2012 with fate of Omani C-47 501
Paolo Cerutti; Dec 20, 2012 with new orders for Bombardier C-Series
Gordon Birkett, ADF Serials; Dec 24, 2012 with new info and corrections on Australian Catalina's
Marcel Drescher; Jan 06, 2013 with Airbus A320 updates
Johan Visschedijk; Jan 24, 2013 with correction for NASA's Douglas F5D-1
Paolo Cerutti; Feb 24, 2013 with new orders for Bombardier C-Series
Alan Robson; multiple Feb 2013 with additions for Boeing lists
Beau Watts; Mar 16, 2013 with aircraft broken up at
CEW Crestview - Bob Sikes

Peter Evers; Mar 21, 2013 with new 747 linenumbers
Tony Szulc; Mar 28, 2013 with new Airbuses from
TLS Toulouse - Blagnac

Peter Evers, multiple Apr 2013 with new Boeing linenumbers
Paolo Cerutti; May 08, 2013 with the first official registration for Bombardier C-Series
Kati Kaksonen; May 28, 2013 with correction on Finnair A350XWB order
Peter Marianic; Jul 05, 2013 with update for Boeing c/n 24332
Paolo Cerutti; Jul 05, 2013 with new registrations for Bombardier C-Series
Peter Evers; Jul 13, 2013 with new Boeing line numbers
Tom Li; Aug 30, 2013 informs me 747 B-2471 is broken up and will be used for firetraining at
PEK Beijing Capital

Ray A; Sep 02, 2013 with some info on C-47's
Paolo Cerutti; Sep 11, 2013 with new lease contracts for Ilyushin Finance CSeries
Beau Watts; Oct 05, 2013 on scrapping of A320's 204 & 215
Philippe Durand; Nov 05, 2013 with first flight of A380 msn 147
Peter Evers; Nov 05 & 10, 2013 with missing/new 737 & 747 line numbers
Tom Li; Nov 18, 2013 on fate of Boeing 767 B-2553
Tom Li; Dec 10 & 11, 2013 on parting out of British Airways aircraft
Egidio Ferrighi; Dec 19, 2013 with temporary registration for SSJ 100
Adnan Tarcan; Jan 12, 2014 discovered an age-old error on a 757 line number
Volker Tappe; Jan 28, 2014 pointing out an error in A380 orders and deliveries
Bruno Graber; Feb 01, 2014 with A380 A6-EDB wings fixed and returning to
DXB Dubai - International

Bruno Graber; Feb 14, 2014 pointing to an error in the A380 orders list
Tom Li; Feb 26, 2014 confirming 747 G-BNLL is a w/o
Tom Li; Mar 01, 2014 with info on various Air China 747's
Jan Uithol; Mar 16, 2014 with an error on A380 msn 086
Tom Li; Apr 14, 2014 with update on 747 N960BA
Adnan Tarcan; Apr 22, 2014 with an error on Boeing c/n 36346
Philippe Durand; Apr 30, 2014 with update on A380 F-HPJF and a nice tip for the site
Peter Evers; May 28, 2014 with new Boeing 747 line numbers
Maksym Tarasevych; Aug 22, 2014 reporting A380 VH-OQG out of service for wing fix
Peter Evers; Aug 26, 2014 with new linenumbers for 747's
Maksym Tarasevych; Sep 24, 2014 with news on A380 wing fix
Robert Seufert; Nov 05, 2014 with F/F date for A400M msn 016
Peter Evers; Nov 23, 2014 with sequence for 737 rebuilts on production line
Robert Seufert; Dec 18-20, 2014 with latest on the A400M
Ian Hind; Dec 24, 2014 with new info on CV-440 c/n 407
Robert Seufert; Dec 24, 2014 with a new A400M delivery
Filip Bettens; Jan 14, 2015 with corrections on 737 Classics
Peter Marianic; Jan 18, 2015 with new identity of 737 c/n 28213 (including photo)
Logan Smith; Jan 26, 2015 with missing 737 line numbers
Fred Niven, Ansett & A.N.A. Groups Historian; Feb 17, 2015 with additions and corrections on Australian CRJ-200's
Robert Seufert; Mar 12, 2015 with names for French A400M's
Eddie Harrison; Mar 31, 2015 with error on A340 Productionlist
Gaëtan Dureau; Apr 05, 2015 with new info on Chinese Challengers
Peter Evers; Apr 08, 2015 with new info on 747 line numbers
Ton van Soest; May 03, 2015 with info on new Turkish A321
Mario Richter; May 26, 2015 with updates on A350 firing-order
José Antonio Almarza; Jun 21, 2015 on the delivery of A400M msn 019, complete with photos
Lucas Krüger; Jun 24, 2015 with more on Air Caraibes A350 order
José Antonio Almarza; Jul 03, 2015 on the first flight of A400M msn 021 and 024, complete with photos
J. Landry; Jul 07, 2015 with correct name for A400M F-RBAC
Robert Seufert; Jul 16, 2015 with another new name for a French A400M
Tom Li; Jul 22, 2015 with news of A320 c/n 3244 being written off
José Antonio Almarza; Aug 07, 2015 alerting to first flight of A400M c/n 026
Teotonio Mariano; Aug 07, 2015 with the new LATAM logo
Don Wall; Aug 14, 2015 with an error regarding QF A380 first service
Peter Evers; Aug 25, 2015 with new 767 line numbers
Robert Seufert; Sep 05, 2015 with name for a A400M c/n 011
Hans van Herk, Scramble; Sep 09, 2015 with info on the last built C-17A's
Nigel Boyle; Sep 13, 2015 with corrections for Hermes Airlines A320's
Nigel Boyle; Oct 11, 2015 with new registrations for WOW Air A320's
David Soccoro Romero; Oct 21, 2015 with addition/correction on A400M including new firing order
Peter Evers; Oct 21, 2015 with new 747 line numbers
Peter Rousseau; Oct 30, 2015 on the first flight of CS100 first production aircraft
Nigel Boyle; Nov 05, 2015 with new info on A320 and 737
Hans van Herk, Scramble; Nov 12, 2015 with (almost very) latest info on C-17A's
Joe Fourie; Nov 14, 2015 found an error in the A350 list
Robert Seufert; Nov 19, 2015 with correction for A400M c/n's
Nigel Boyle; multiple Nov 2015 with new info on various Boeing aircraft
Nigel Boyle; multiple Dec 2015 with Airbus, Boeing and Douglas updates
Teotonio Mariano; Jan 04, 2016 with info on painting of TAM/LATAM A350's
Jean-Paul Segouffin; Jan 09, 2016 with info that a new year has begun: error on f/f date A350 msn 023
Nigel Boyle; Jan 11, 2016 with info on DHL 757's
Jan de Wit; Jan 14, 2016 with technicality on "Fokker DC-3's"
Al Stacey; Feb 05, 2016 with new A400M deliveries
Marc; Feb 09, 2016 with first flight dates for A400M
Peter Evers; Feb 27, 2016 with new 747 line numbers
Wilhelm Tomaschik; Apr 22, 2016 with correction for the Airbus single aisle list
Sylvain Faust; May 12, 2016 with info on CS100's for Swiss
Thomas Grewe; Jun 11, 2016 with correction for A400M deliveries
Jason; Jun 11, 2016 with info on A400M deliveries
Henri Solasse & Arthur Petermann; Jun 16, 2016 with info on Swiss CS100 first flight
Henri Solasse; Jul 22, 2016 with info on second Swiss CS100 first flight
Jason; Jul 28, 2016 with info on A400M delivery
William J. Gallant; Aug 06, 2016 on crash of B-17 42-30121
Peter Evers; Aug 06, 2016 with 747 and 767 line numbers
Johan Visschedijk; Aug 13, 2016 with typo in Douglas part 2 list
Henri Solasse; Aug 13 & 15, 2016 with CS100 delivery and new test registration
Henri Solasse; Sep 26, 2016 with info on third Swiss CS100 first flight
Jason; Oct 08, 2016 with info on new A400M's
Dietmar Fenners; Oct 08, 2016 with new msn's for A400M
Andrew Faulkner; Oct 19, 2016 with info on first airBaltic CS300
Henri Solasse; Oct 22, 2016 with info on third Swiss CS100 delivery flight
Dietmar Fenners; Oct 23, 2016 with info on A400M msn 056
Henri Solasse; Nov 06 & 17, 2016 with CS100 and CS300 first flights
Bertus Scholten, Nov 30, 2016 with multiple Douglas corrections/additions
Henri Solasse; multiple Dec 2016 with info on Swiss and Baltic first flights and test registrations
Eddie Harrison; Dec 22, 2016 pointing out an error in the A350 list
Dean Bartram; multiple Jan 2017 with new c/n's and serials for P-8A
Henri Solasse; Jan 23, 2017 with CS300 firing order
Jason; Jan 28, 2017 with new A400M c/n's and serials
Henri Solasse; Feb 09, 2017 with new CS100 first flight date
Claude Sibenaler; Feb 09, 2017 with typo in Boeing part 4 list
Alexis O'Connor; Feb 11, 2017 with info on Swiss first CS300
Dave Reid; Feb 19 & 23, 2017 with many corrections for 737NG & 777 line numbers
Tobias Gudat; Feb 27, 2017 with correction for Qatar A350's
François Beaulieu; Feb 28, 2017 with first flight date of CS100 50016
Henri Solasse; Mar 14, 2017 with first flight date for CS300 55005
Dietmar Fenners; Mar 14, 2017 with new serial for A330 c/n 892
Brian James; Mar 17, 2017 with further info for Air Mauritius A350 order
Guido Aellig & Henri Solasse; Apr 03, 2017 with delivery flight of CS100 HB-JBG
Henri Solasse; Apr 13, 2017 with another CS100 first flight
Juan M. Leria Pastor; Apr 21, 2017 with lots of additions and corrections for Argentinian C-54's
Dietmar Fenners; Apr 21, 2017 with new A400M frames as well as some pictures
Eduardo Arana; Apr 25, 2017 with info on and picture of C-47 PT-AOB
Gilbert Guinard; Apr 28, 2017 with first flight of first Swiss CS300
Guido Aellig & Henri Solasse; May 10, 2017 with delivery flight of CS100 HB-JBH
Gilbert Guinard & Henri Solasse; May 17, 2017 with first flight of the 6th CS300
Gilbert Guinard; May 26, 2017 on handover of the first Swiss CS300
Robert van Huffelen; May 30, 2017 with info on the first MRTT for MMF
Gilbert Guinard; Jun 02, 2017 with delivery of the next Baltic CS300
François Bouchard & Alexander Kourys; Jun 16, 2017 with first flight of next Swiss CS300
Alexander Kourys; Jun 19, 2017 with info on CS300 production
François Bouchard; Jun 19, 2017 with info on new-build CS300's
Alexander Kourys; Jun 25, 2017 with another CS300 off the productionline
Alexander Kourys; Jun 27, 2017 with first flight of CS300 msn 55008
Alexander Kourys; Jul 03, 2017 CS300 msn 55013 is ready to fly
Alexander Kourys; Jul 09, 2017 second Swiss CS300 on it's delivery flight
Alexander Kourys; Jul 20, 2017 with info on Korean CS300's
neviens; Jul 20, 2017 with next day CS300 delivery
Alexander Kourys; Jul 23 & 24, 2017 with lots of info on CSeries
Alexander Kourys; Jul 25, 2017 with CS300 firing order
Alexander Kourys; Aug 04 & 05, 2017 with info on a (non-damaging) bird strike on c/n 55012 at
YMX Montreal - Mirabel

Loe M M Baltussen; Aug 05, 2017 with correct ID's for A320's c/n 2571 and 2688
Alexander Kourys; Aug 11, 2017 with next CS300 delivery
Peter Evers; Aug 12, 2017 with info on new 747's
Dietmar Fenners; Aug 13, 2017 with A400M firing order
Bernd Bosmann; Aug 14, 2017 with delivery of next Luftwaffe A400M
Guido Aellig & Henri Solasse; Aug 26, 2017 with delivery flight of CS300 HB-JCC
Alexander Kourys; Aug 28, 2017 with first flight of next CS300
Dinant van den Belt; Sep 01, 2017 with name for fifth Lufthansa A350
Alexander Kourys; Sep 01, 2017 with update for CSeries firing order
Alexander Kourys; Sep 02, 2017 with first flight for CSeries msn 55014
Alexander Kourys; Sep 06, 2017 with new msn's on the CSeries productionline
Alexander Kourys; Sep 22, 2017 with new info for CSeries
Bernd Bosmann; Sep 27, 2017 with the latest info on German A400M's
Guido Aellig; Oct 02, 2017 with next CS300 delivery
Alexander Kourys; Oct 02, 2017 with next CS300 delivery and another first flight
Brittany Cheng; Oct 05, 2017 with correct registration for A350 c/n 155
Brittany Cheng; Oct 06, 2017 with registrations for CX A350-1000's
Alexander Kourys; Oct 06, 2017 with first flight of CS300 c/n 55015
Alexander Kourys; Oct 13, 2017 with new CS300 firing order
Bernd Bosmann; Oct 23, 2017 with f/f date for second Spanish A400M
Brittany Cheng; Oct 27, 2017 found an error in the A350 list
Alexander Kourys; Nov 22, 2017 with first c/n's for Delta CS100's
Guido Aellig; Nov 28, 2017 with next delivery flight for Swiss
Guido Aellig; Dec 20, 2017 with last CS300 for Swiss this year
Bernd Bosmann; Dec 22, 2017 with delivery date for second Spanish A400M
Alexander Kourys; Dec 31, 2017 with first flight of next Swiss CS300
Alexander Kourys; Jan 01, 2018 next Korean CS300 ready to fly
Santi Blánquez; Jan 25, 2018 with status of A400M c/n 075
Henri Solasse & Alexander Kourys; Jan 25, 2018 on first flight of CS300 msn 55022
Alexander Kourys; Jan 30, 2018 with several updates for CSeries
Alexander Kourys; Feb 03, 2018 with first CSeries delivery in 2018
Alexander Kourys; Feb 19, 2018 with another first flight Swiss CSeries
Guido Aellig & Alexander Kourys; Mar 02, 2018 next Swiss CS300 on it's way
Bernd Bosmann; Mar 09, 2018 with delivery of next German A400M
Alexander Kourys; Mar 14 & 26, 2018 with CS300 updates
Henri Solasse, Mar 27, 2018 with next delivery for Swiss
Alexander Kourys; Mar 28, 2018 with several CSeries updates
Henri Solasse, multiple Apr 2018 with CSeries updates
Alexander Kourys; multiple Apr 2018 with CSeries updates
Santi Blánquez; Apr 16, 2018 with update for A400M
Santi Blánquez; Apr 18, 2018 with another update for A400M
Alexander Kourys; Apr 19, 2018 with CS100 correction
Four persons; Apr 21 & 22, 2018 with next delivery to Swiss
Henri Solasse & Alexander Kourys; Apr 27, 2018 with first flight of CS300 msn 55030
Alexander Kourys & Henri Solasse, May 15, 2018 with next Korean CS300 first flight
Alexander Kourys, May 19, 2018 with CS300 first flight and delivery
Francois Beaulieu & Henri Solasse, May 20, 2018 with next Swiss CS300 first flight
Felix Kelch, Jun 08, 2018 with name for new Lufthansa A350
Alexander Kourys, multiple Jun 2018 with CS300 firing order and lots of updates
Dietmar Fenners, Jun 17, 2018 with A330MRTT updates and photos
Steven Gelling, Jun 23, 2018 with photo and information on Turkish A400M
Ronald Hodgins, Jun 30, 2018 with exact date of CS300 first flight
Dietmar Fenners; Jul 07, 2018 with picture and info 1st MRTT for France
Alexander Kourys, Jul 10, 2018 with A220-300 first flight and delivery
Bernd Bosmann; Jul 27, 2018 with delivery date for third Spanish A400M
Brittany Cheng; Aug 04, 2018 with updates for Cathay Pacific A350's
Jacek Sobota; Aug 22, 2018 with correction for the A220 list
Alexander Kourys, multiple Aug 2018 with A220 updates
Alexander Kourys, Sep 29, 2018 with next Korean A220 delivery
Jan Uithol; multiple Oct 2018 with A320 updates
David Phelan; Oct 15, 2018 with correction for the A220 list
Alexander Kourys; Oct 26, 2018 with A220 updates
Steven Gelling; Oct 28, 2018 with A400M updates
Alexander Kourys & Didier Chretien; Oct 30, 2018 with next CS300 in the air
Dietmar Fenners; Nov 05, 2018 with A400M updates
Bill Wordsworth; Nov 07, 2018 with new info on an old DC-3
Felix Kelch, Nov 13, 2018 with another name for anothert new Lufthansa A350
Guido Aellig & Alexander Kourys; Nov 14, 2018 with new Swiss A220 delivery
Alexander Kourys; Nov 22, 2018 with second DL A220 in the air
Alexander Kourys; Nov 30, 2018 with next Delta A220
Didier Chretien; Nov 30, 2018 with delivery airBaltic A220
Alexander Kourys; Dec 05, 2018 with last A220-300 for Swiss on first flight
Alexander Kourys; Dec 18, 2018 with next Delta A220 delivery
Alexander Kourys; Dec 22, 2018 with first Air Tanzania A220 delivery
Alexander Kourys; Dec 23, 2018 with second Air Tanzania A220 first flight
Henry Chan; Dec 24, 2018 with corrections for A340 list 106 plus CX A350 updates
Alexander Kourys; Jan 01, 2019 with last delivery for 2018, an A220 for Delta
Alexander Kourys; Jan 10, 2019 with delivery of second Tanzanian A220
Bernd Bosmann; Jan 12, 2019 with delivery of 4th Spanish A400M
Henry Chan; Jan 19, 2019 with info on new Cathay Pacific A350's
Bernd Bosmann; Jan 24, 2019 with delivery of next German A400M
Henry Chan; Jan 28, 2019 with further info on new Cathay Pacific A350's
Jan Uithol; Jan 31, 2019 with news from
XFW Hamburg - Finkenwerder

Alexander Kourys; Feb 03 & 09, 2019 with next Delta A220's on first flight
Didier Chretien; Feb 12, 2019 with latest on CS100 prototypes
Frank Kramer; Feb 25, 2019 with new Turkish A400M serial
Alexander Kourys; Apr 12, 2019 with Delta and airBaltic A220's on first flight
Alexander Kourys; Apr 19, 2019 with Delta's next A220 delivery
Tom Bertrand; Apr 20, 2019 with Air France A350 final registration
Alexandre Gannier; Apr 27, 2019 with delivery next A400M to France
Jan Uithol; April 29 & 30, 2019 with Airbus news from TLS
Tom Bertrand; May 01, 2019 with some A350 final registrations
Alexander Kourys; May 05, 2019 with next Delta A220 first flight
Alexander Kourys; May 25, 2019 with next Delta A220 first flight and next airBaltic delivery
Alexander Kourys; Jun 08, 2019 with next Delta A220 first flight
Didier Chretien; Jun 15, 2019 with long awaited first flight of next Swiss A220
Bernd Bosmann; Jun 22, 2019 with delivery of next Turkish A400M
Alexander Kourys; Jun 24, 2019 with next Delta A220 first flight
Didier Chretien; Jul 02, 2019 with first flight of next Delta A220
Alexander Kourys; Jul 11, 2019 with next Delta A220 first flight
David Phelan; Jul 16, 2019 with correction for A220 list
Alexander Kourys; Jul 11, 2019 with yet another Delta A220 first flight
Henry Chan; Aug 04, 2019 with news for Cathay Dragon fleet
Alexander Kourys; Aug 20, 2019 with first flight of next DL A220
Alexander Kourys; Aug 22, 2019 with first flight of first Egyptair A220
Didier Chretien; Aug 23, 2019 with info on first A220 for Air Canada
Henry Chan; Aug 28, 2019 with update for Cathay Dragon A330
Alexander Kourys; Sep 07, 2019 with next Delta A220 in the air
Henry Chan; Sep 10, 2019 with info for Cathay Pacific A350's
Ron Hodgins; Sep 15, 2019 with next Baltic first flight
Alexander Kourys; Sep 24, 2019 with next Delta A220 delivered
Alexander Kourys; Oct 03, 2019 with next Delta A220 in the air
Jan Uithol; Oct 08, 2019 with correction and additions Airbus
XFW Hamburg - Finkenwerder

Alexander Kourys; Oct 10, 2019 with next Egyptair A220 in the air
Alexander Kourys; Oct 15, 2019 with various A220 news
Alexander Kourys; Oct 25, 2019 with yet another Egyptair A220 in the air
Brittany Cheng; Nov 02, 2019 with info for Cathay Dragon A321neo
Alexander Kourys; Nov 04 & 10, 2019 with info on Egyptair A220's
Nicolas Pisani; Nov 14, 2019 with correction for A350 order list
David Phelan; Nov 19, 2019 with correction for A220 list
Alexander Kourys; Nov 25, 2019 with next GTLK/STLC A220 first flight
Jan Uithol; Dec 02, 2019 with new info from
XFW Hamburg - Finkenwerder

Alexander Kourys; Dec 05, 2019 with next Egyptair A220 first flight
Michel Montreuil & Mike Schryer; Dec 24, 2019 with first A220 delivered to Air Canada
Michel Montreuil, Dec 29, 2019 with future registrations Air Canada A220's
Alexander Kourys; Jan 05, 2020 with next Egyptair A220 first flight
Brittany Cheng; Jan 12, 2020 with info on Cathay A330
Graham Wickens; Jan 13, 2020 with corrections for Thai SSJ's
Alexander Kourys; Jan 31, 2020 with another Egyptair A220 first flight
Tom Bertrand; Feb 04, 2020 with correction for Cathay A350
David Phelan; Feb 08, 2020 with correct delivery date for latest A220
Alexander Kourys; Feb 09, 2020 with next A220 Air Canada on first flight
Henry Chan; Feb 12, 2020 with new info for an old A320
Brittany Cheng; Feb 16, 2020 with test registration for A350 msn424
Alexander Kourys; Feb 16, 2020 with next A220 Air Canada on first flight
David Phelan; Feb 21, 2020 again with correction for A220 list
Alexander Kourys; Feb 26, 2020 with next A220 Delta on first flight
Mike Schryer; Mar 07, 2020 with delivery of A220 to Air Canada
Fenix; Mar 13, 2020 with new info for A330 and A350
David Gossage; Mar 16, 2020 with update for CV-240 list
Alexander Kourys; Mar 22, 2020 with Delta's next A220-100 on first flight
Henry Chan; Apr 01, 2020 with a change for A330 EI-HEB
Mike Schryer; Apr 22, 2020 with first flight of next A220 for Air Canada
Nigel Boyle; May 04, 2020 with correction for A320 list
Nigel Boyle; May 07, 2020 with a few 737 classic corrections
Nigel Boyle; May 16, 2020 with new ID for 747 c/n 29730
Nigel Boyle; May 23, 2020 with multiple additions and corrections
Nigel Boyle; May 27, 2020 with more additions and corrections
Alexander Kourys; May 29, 2020 with latest delivery for Air Canada
James Gregory; Jun 05, 2020 with correction for A350 list
Alexander Kourys; Jun 05, 2020 with next Egyptair in the air
Nigel Boyle; Jun 06, 2020 with a few additions
Peter Evers; Jun 07, 2020 with latest 767 firing order
Alexander Kourys; Jun 12, 2020 with next Air Canada in the air
Nigel Boyle; Jun 14, 2020 with another correction
Nigel Boyle; Jun 30, 2020 with a correction for the Boeing list
Peter Evers; Jul 02, 2020 with more 767 news
Nigel Boyle; Jul 04, 2020 with some additions
Henry Chan; multiple Jul 2020 with new info for Cathay Pacific/Dragon fleet
Nigel Boyle; Jul 26, 2020 with a re-activated 767BCF
Tom Bertrand; Jul 27, 2020 with info on the 500th A350
Mike Schryer & Alexander Kourys; Jul 30, 2020 with delivery of next Air Canada A220
Alexander Kourys; Jul 30, 2020 with delivery of next Egyptair A220
Tobias Bollhalder; Jul 30, 2020 with LATAM A320 update
Jan Uithol; Aug 08, 2020 with an update for A330 msn 1943
Nigel Boyle; Multiple Aug 2020 with news on A320, A340, CRJ-100 and E190
Alexander Kourys; Aug 21 & 28, 2020 with (ground-) activity for new A220's
Dietmar Fenners; Aug 24, 2020 with another A400M update
Alexander Kourys; multiple Sep 2020 with info on new A220's for ACA, BTI, DAL, MSR
Nigel Boyle; Sep 06, 2020 with some updates for Boeing lists
Dietmar Fenners; Sep 26, 2020 with more A400M news
Nils Steyaert; Oct 03, 2020 with info on Begian A400M's
Michel Montreuil; Oct 05, 2020 with another future Air Canada A220 registration
Mike Schryer; Oct 08, 2020 with next Air Canada A220 delivery
David Phelan; Oct 09, 2020 again with correction for A220 list
Quanming Zhu; Oct 12 & 13, 2020 with a number of typos and additions for the A320 list
Alexander Kourys; Oct 16, 2020 with info for another ACA A220
Alexander Kourys; Oct 17, 2020 with first flight for next Baltic A220
Didier Chretien; Oct 23, 2020 with a typo in the A220 list
Alexander Kourys; Oct 31, 2020 with delivery of two more A220's to Delta
Henry Chan; Nov 03, 2020 with info on Cathay (Dragon) A321's
Alexander Kourys; Nov 06, 2020 with next delivery of an A220 to Air Canada
Alexander Kourys & Ted Larkin; Nov 17 & Nov 19, 2020 on the cancelation of A220 orders from Air Canada
Alexander Kourys; Nov 20 & 27, 2020 with first flight of an ACA A220
Tom Bertrand; Nov 27, 2020 with alert to new A350 firing order

Leslie Allan Webb; 2003 & 2005 on (cancelled) Airbus & Boeing orders

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